The Romanian Communication Centre (RCC) is a new (from 1997) nonprofit organization at  national level. This organization aiming to achieve a better communication between the state institution and the citizens, as well as a horizontal communication between the public administration and the civic society.

RCC - Tārgu - Jiu branch, is one of the ten branches of this organization, which has decided to support the young people who are the only ones who are capable to face and easily adapt to the requirements of the new technologies in a new system of production which, in fact, is the very basis of a future development.


      RCC, by his staff are to participate to:

-         implementing project "Quick Response Measures for the promotion of employment and local development" (PHARE ENERGY 95)

-         implementing program of active labor market measures (Labor and Social Protection Ministry): "Centre for assistance to micro/SME's and business advice"

-         supporting of the consultants team WMEB to elaborate "Regional Development Study for the Mining Region of Gorj County"

-         implementing projects for the  young people - supporting the professional and social integration

-         consulting of the unemployed workers which find a job

-         entrepreneurs' consulting to draw out their business plans (to start or to extend a business)

-         to draw out market studies.



In this moment, RCC implements a projects -information and consulting center regarding the career, business advisory center (from National Regional Development Fund, starting with february 2001) and technical assistance for PHARE-RICOP Program (Program on enterprise restructuring and employment conversion).


In the future, we want to develop the center for information and development of SMEs because, in Gorj are to start least five great programs which have a component for supporting the development and growth of SMEs (micro-credits scheme or grant fund):

-MARR Fund (Mining Affected Regions Reconstruction Fund - EU)

-Social Mitigation Program (Mine Closure Project - World Bank)

-SAPARD Program

-Regional Development Fund - PHARE 2000.